Member Registration

Membership is required to access GMI course calendar and participate any event. To become a member, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Registration. From the site menu, click on “MEMBER -> MEMBER REGISTRATION”. Please remember your account ID and password. You will need it to log into your account every time. Once you fill in the registration form, submit, you should receive an email to ask you to “Activate your Account”. Please click on it. However, at this point, you still cannot log into your account. Your account is not fully approved until you complete Step 3.

Step 2: Pay membership fee. Once “activated” your account, you will receive an email instantly from GMI notifying you that “Your account is now pending for payment”. Please follow the instructions in this email to pay your membership fee (payment method is Zelle or PayPal). For international (outside of the US) members, please email us to arrange proper payment.
If you don’t receive a payment email from GMI after registration, please check your junk mail folder, or tabs such as “updates”, “promotions” if you use gmail. Please email us asap if you confirm that you didn’t receive the payment email.

Step 3: Account approved. After we receive your payment, we will send you an email within 12hrs stating that your account on and your membership with GMI are fully activated. Please keep a copy of that email for your record.

Step 4: All set. Once your membership starts, you can log in and you have full access to all live classes and past class recordings.

Membership Fee

  • Yearly membership $1,199 (e.g. If you activate your account on 8/24/2020, your membership period is 8/24/2020-8/23/2021)
  • New: 6-month membership $594
  • November Promotion: 3-month membership $360
  • Monthly membership $149/mo

One Day Pass

If you are not sure whether GMI will be a good fit for you, you have the option to attend only one live class of your choice. One day pass is $20. You must register your account with GMI. After you activate your account, please email to request a one day pass and let us know which class you want to attend. We will email the lesson zoom link to you. One Day Pass has no access to any GMI recordings. There is no limitation on how many One Day Pass you can apply. For example, if you only want to attend GM Eljanov’s live classes in August, you could apply for 4 One Day Pass.

Membership Fee Refund Policy

In general, yearly membership fee is not refundable. However, for special cases, we could approve cancellation requests. The refund will be calculated based on monthly fee instead of prorated yearly fee.

Monthly membership fee is not refundable.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please email us at


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