Complete Chess Foundations

  • Coach: GM Rafael Leitão (Peak FIDE Rating 2652)
  • Time: Mondays 6:00-7:00pm US Central Time (Oct 4- Dec 6) for 10 weeks
  • Target audience: USCF 1800-2200
  • Membership is not needed. Anyone can register through the registraiton form below.
  • Interactive sessions on zoom. You will get live lessons, lesson recordings and lesson pgn files.
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Lesson Plan:
Lesson 1: Building Your Repertoire 
A guide for choosing a repertoire according to your tastes. Suggestions of complete repertoires. The “Model Player” technique.
Lesson 2: How to Find Novelties
How should you analyze the variations in your repertoire, study the main games and prepare novelties?
Lesson 3: How to Train Tactics The Right Way
Why you should train tactics in every session? And how to do it? A guide to the best practices and resources to improve your combinational vision.
Lesson 4: The Quick Scan Technique
Why it is so important for you to read and understand an important explanation in the book: “Secrets of Practical Chess”, by John Nunn. This is the first step when calculating a chess position.
Lesson 5: The Candidates Move Technique
From Kotov to Dvoretsky and Aagard, this is the most debated calculation technique in chess literature. Is it really important?
Lesson 6: How to Evaluate a Position Correctly
A guide to finding the most important elements and evaluate chess positions more precisely
Lesson 7: The Miniplan Technique
Long plans are fiction. But you should not make a move without knowing what you would like to next. Find out what is a “miniplan” and why it is the best way to improve the harmony in your game.
Lesson 8: Study the Classics
A complete study of the classics is the best thing a chess player can do to improve his understanding of the game. I will show in this lesson what is the main concept we can learn from each of the World Champions.
Lesson 9: The Most Important Endgames – Part 1
The first part of the lesson where I show the list of the main endgames you should know by heart.
Lesson 10: The Most Important Endgames – Part 2
The second part of the lesson where I show the list of the main endgames you should know by heart.


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