Is your website safe?

We employ the most advanced security measures to protect your online security and privacy. We neither ask for nor store member’s private data (such as birthday, address) except for essential information for you to access our resources online. For payment, you have options to use either Zelle or PayPal. We do not handle financial transactions directly on our website in order to ensure the highest level of data safety for our members.

How do I know whether the GMI class schedule will fit into my time zone?

Many GMI class schedules are designed around the North/South America time zones (e.g. US, Canada, Brazil, etc). We have some morning lessons during the summer time and weekends that are suitable for Europe and some evening lessons for Asia Pacific. Recordings of live lessons are always available online 24/7.

How many courses will be suitable to me?

Our open classes are targeted at FIDE 2200 or higher. High level players such as GMs and IMs can benefit from these classes as well. We also have U2100, U1800, U1500 classes, where students get homework after each class. So you can learn and practice every week. GMI live classes are open to all members. You should challenge yourself to attend as many courses as possible.

How are GMI classes conducted?

We use zoom meetings to host live lessons. All classes are live and interactive. Members can participate in any class regardless of their ratings. You can ask questions, answer questions and interact with the Coach. We also have recordings for most lessons so that you can watch the recording if you missed it. Please be aware that the recording typically only records the coach’s lesson without the interactive part of the students (watch the sample videos on the homepage).

How many classes each year?

Our classes will start on August 1, 2020. Each month we offer 28 classes, total 336 classes in a year. We post monthly class calendar under “Schedule” but only members can access the calendar. Each coach will focus on one topic for at least one month, and each coach will give 4 lessons in a month. Each lesson content will be different. There is NO repeating of the same lessons. By focusing on one topic for at least 4 lessons, it will allow the Coach and the students to work deeper along that topic.

Why should I join Grandmaster Chess Institute?

Please refer to the About Us Page. There are a few major special offerings from GMI that you may not find elsewhere.

What is my membership period?

If you apply and pay for yearly membership, your membership period is one whole year. For example, if you register and pay on July 10, 2020, you membership is valid from August 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021.

If you apply and pay for monthly membership, your membership will be valid for 31 days.

If you do not apply for either monthly membership or one day pass in August, the early bird special rate ends by July 24, 2020.

How long will the past lesson recordings stay on GMI website?

All recordings will stay for 6 months to one year. However, only members can access the recordings 24/7. If your membership expires, you will no longer have access to GMI recordings.

Why is it important to register your GMI account with the factual information?

When you register for a GMI account, we only ask for your name, email, zoom ID (for you to attend live lessons) and your chess rating. It is important that you supply the required information based on fact. For example, we will use member’s rating distribution to adjust future lessons. We could increase U2100 lessons to twice a week sometimes if we find out a good % of our members falling into that rating range. If you don’t provide your true rating, it will hurt yourself and anyone else around your rating level. For your names, although you can use whatever name you may want, we appreciate that you can take it seriously and use your real name to register.

I am a chess coach. Can I teach at GMI?

Yes, we constantly look for GM/IM coaches. Please either register yourself on our website or email us directly. Besides teaching here, you will also have the opportunity to attract your potential private students.

Besides daily live lessons, what other activities does GMI offer?

We will host online tournaments with prize. We will organize camps for all levels. New activities could be posted anytime year round. Prepare to be positively surprised!

Is GMI membership fee refundable?

In general, GMI membership is not refundable. For special cases, please contact us. If you are not sure, please try our monthly membership instead of yearly membership.

For any unforeseeable reason, if GMI will close its business, what will happen to my membership fee?

If for any unforeseeable reason, GMI will have to close its business, we will refund your membership fee prorated based on days. For example, if we count 360 days in a year just for simplicity, and GMI decides to close after 180 days in operation, we will refund you 50% of your membership fee. We maintain the member database so we know exactly when and how much you paid for your membership.

I am not living in the US. For international members, do you provide any other payment method than PayPal?

For international customers, please email us directly to arrange proper payment approach that could work for you.

What are the differences between camps and GMI general classes?

The advanced camps that we organize have the following features that GMI general classes do not have: (1) Camps are for a limited number of players (max 12) around the similar rating level to study a specific topic in a much deeper way; (2) There are a lot of discussions in those camps. Coach can give personal attention to each camper; (3) The camp recording (if there is one) is available to the campers ONLY (downloadable). These recordings will NEVER be available to others who were not in the camp; (4) The topics for these advanced camps will not be offered in GMI general classes. For example, GM Liem Quang Le will never give a series lessons on Catalan Opening in the GMI general classes (because he has a camp for 2300+ on Catalan); (5) The advanced camps in general cost much more per hour per person (comparing to GMI general classes)


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